Plan To Stop By These Four Attractions In Tampa FL If You Can

The Hillsborough County city of Tampa FL is also known as The Big Guava. The Big Guava is home to some wonderful attractions. If you take a look around, you’re going to be blown away with what all there is to do in tbe entire Tampa Bay area. Here are four of the best attractions for you to visit in Tampa FL.

The Tampa Theater is one of those top attractions, built in 1926. It is located on North Franklin Street, and it’s said to make for a very unique experience. How would you like to see a silent film presentation? When is the last time you heard a live organ play at a movie theater? The interior of the building is said to be beautiful, and you’re going to love The Tampa Theater.

Check out the observation tower at Lettuce Lake Regional Park. A picture of it that I’m looking at now is really cool. The 240 acre park was established in 1982, and there are all kinds of activities to enjoy there. Perhaps you feel like making use of the wooded picnic areas. If you have kids with you, there is a nice playground available, too. The park is located off of East Fletcher Avenue.

The Hillsborough River is a neat place to visit for sure. Remember that you’re in Hillsborough County, and perhaps it is time to float along the river. It sure sounds like fun, and you can also visit Crystal Springs. Stop on County Park as well, and maybe you would even like to enjoy what’s called the canoe escape. It would make for one grand adventure. There is all kinds of wildlife to see while you’re spending some time enjoying Hillsborough River, too.

One more place in Tampa that you might enjoy is Lowry Park. No doubt, there are many other places in Tampa to explore. Lowry Park is on North Boulevard, and it features a fantastic little zoo and some kiddie rides if you are traveling as a family. There are shaded walkways and a picnic area to enjoy and so much more.

Tampa is home to some nice parks and other types of natural areas. You’re going to love stopping by these four major attractions, and you will have fun exploring many other wonderful places of interest in The Big Guava, too. Plan for the vacation of a lifetime in the great city of Tampa FL.